Moving from Sony Vegas to Final Cut Pro X

Our ability to produce and edit videos hit a limit late in 2011. While my laptop does a nice job running Sony Vegas Pro for short videos it took a long time to render. Sometime 20-30 minutes was required to render even a short 1 minute video for 720p on YouTube. After looking at many option and configuration I decided that moving to a Macintosh and jumping from Sony Vegas Pro to Final Cut Pro X would provide the best results. I ordered a 27in. iMac with 16gb of RAM and it finally arrived early this week. Unfortunately, this week I was swamped with onsite and offsite meetings. I was able to get a few videos edited for publication this week. (see video below) In my brief experience the performance of the computer and software is spectacular. I can render out a video in under 3 minutes now and I have the ability to render in 1080p. I will post updates as I have more time to work with the computer and the software.

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