DDW Launches Expert Answers Series

A few weeks ago we officially launched the Expert Answers Series at D.D. Williamson. The Expert Answers Series is both a video and a blog series dedicated to providing useful industry news and trends in a short easy to share format.

This is an exciting project because it was the brain child of a Brittany Thompson and myself. We spent hundreds of hours putting together the content, brain storming the layout and recording and editing the videos. We believe that the Expert Answer Series is an engaging way to help answer questions that help our customer grow their business.

Seeing the food ingredient industry report on the new series is an incredible feeling. We are committed to providing the information our customers need to grow.


PetfoodIndustry .com

Food &  Drink International

Natural Food Network

Nutrition Industry Executive Magazine

Vitamin Retailer Magazine, Inc.

Here is a sample video from an outside expert Kantha Shelke:

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