Babel – Mumford & Sons

I remember the first time I heard Mumford & Sons perform. They made their US network television debut on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Feb 26, 2010.  They performed “The Cave” from their first album “Sigh No More.” At the time I really enjoyed the performance but it was late and I forgot about the performance the next morning.

It was some months later that I was on a business trip in Bristol, England and I heard “Roll Away the Stone” on BBC Radio 2. I spent that evening in the hotel looking through playlists on the BBC website trying to find who performed the song. Thankfully the BBC has their playlists I slotted out by time so I was able to narrow it down and figure out that it was Mumford & Sons I heard. Thankfully we live in the digital age and I was able to purchase and download “Sigh No More” through iTunes. (Connecting through a US VPN first but that is another story) I think it was sometime that week that I remembered I had heard them on the Late Late Show. Searching Youtube confirmed that it was the performance I saw that February and interest in Mumford & Sons had come full circle.

As many other fans of Mumford & Sons I waited the two and half long years for them to release their sophomore album. Luckily, on September 25 the wait ended with the release of “Babel”. “Babel” features the same tone and sound that made Mumford & Sons international stars. “Babel” features twelve tracks with an optional Deluxe Edition that has three additional songs including the Jerry Douglas cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Boxer” featuring Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon.

Similar to “Sigh No More” this album is a mixture of folk, country and rock. I would love to know the musical influence that lead a British band to have the curious sound. Starting with the title track “Babel” that encompasses all Mumford & Sons has to offer to the quiet sound of “Lover’s Eyes” that shows the bands softer and more heartfelt side. For anyone looking at the album I strongly recommend the Deluxe Edition or make sure you also get the Jerry Douglas version of “The Boxer”. The Simon & Garfunkel version is a classic but the Mumford & Sons version is simply amazing.

As a fan of Mumford & Sons was hoping for another strong album following “Sigh No More” and I’m not disappointed. “Babel” is an incredible mixture of lyrics and performance that should satisfy any Mumford and Sons fan. I strongly recommend “Babel”.

Track Listing
1. “Babel”
2. “Whispers in the Dark”
3. “I Will Wait”
4. “Holland Road”
5. “Ghosts That We Knew”
6. “Lover of the Light”
7. “Lovers’ Eyes”
8. “Reminder”
9. “Hopeless Wanderer”
10. “Broken Crown”
11. “Below My Feet”
12. “Not With Haste”

Deluxe edition bonus tracks
13. “For Those Below”
14. “The Boxer” (Jerry Douglas ft. Mumford & Sons & Paul Simon)
15. “Where Are You Now?”

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